Case Study: Custom Subrack for a Leading Remote Sensing Company

1. Design

When a leading remote sensing company won the contract to replace a compete bay of subracks in a petrochemical plant they asked us to design and manufacture a custom 7U x 84HP x 235mm subrack. This subrack had not only to integrate all the new electronic sensing 3U modules but provide an I/O compatible with the existing plant electronics. Using the latest state of the art 3D CAD software, we designed an electronics packaging solution that satisfied all the technical requirements that including a custom printed front panel with logo and a PSU mounting module.

2. Manufacture

The customer approved drawings were electronically downloaded to the high speed CNC milling machines. This reduced the manufacturing lead times and eliminated errors between the drawings and the finished product. The time scale of this project was critical, as the subracks had to be installed within a very tight plant shutdown window.

3. Assembly

Our manufacturing facility is accredited to ISO 9001 for quality with skilled technicians providing a high degree of workmanship. We pay particular attention to keeping the work free from scratches or marks.

4. Dispatch

This is the subrack in final inspection and is ready for shipping. It was supplied fully integrated with a PSU mounting module. The customer just had to plug in their own electronic sensing modules to commission the system.

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