About PCW Technology

  • PCW Technology is a specialist manufacture and distributor of electronic packaging.
  • Our supply partner is Heitec Electronics who acquired the Rittal electronic packaging division in 2010.
  • Marc Prewitt was part of the Rittal senior Electronics Packaging management team and founded PCW Technology to supply custom parts though the Rittal sales organisation. Our new premises are located close to the original Rittal UK Southampton division. Working with three other ex Rittal people, he has grown PCW into an independent company offering complete electronic packaging solutions for both standard and customised products.
  • The new online PCW shop offers a comprehensive range of the standard Heitec products. The original Rittal part numbers are used throughout to streamline ordering for existing customers.
  • As a small friendly company, we are always approachable and are pleased to help with any technical issues or new projects.

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